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DANETO (Domingos Araújo Neto) was founded on October 1974 with only one objective: work exclusively in Chemical Products Representation market. The first office was on the city centre, at Guilherme Rocha Street.

As the sales increased we decided to expand our business structure by supplying customers over Northeast with own stocks and own logistic service. Due to this expansion, DANETO rented a warehouse in Carlito Pamplona resulting in new business opportunities in different sectors such as fish farming, wax industry, industrial laundries, food and beverage and paint sector.

On the 80’s due to the new growth opportunities DANETO established its own headquarters fully structured both commercial and warehousing. At 1985, DANETO’s founder Domingos Araújo Neto established his second business, União Química do Brasil, with the objective of selling crumble quantities and to start a production of sanitizing products. This new business included a new expansion that resulted in a bigger warehouse area and a new office area. 

On 1998 a subsidiary was established to support the warehouse located at Francisco Sá Avenue. At this point the company decided to innovate by starting making its first import of hydrogen peroxide from Italy. The very first success on international gave DANETO the opportunity to become DEGUSSA (Evonik Chemical Division) sales agent to Piauí, Maranhão, Rio Grande do Norte, Ceará and Paraíba.  The new warehouse are demanded the creation of lager logistic system to in order to a quick response and punctual delivery.

In 2000, DANETO was inveted by Switzerland Chemical Industry, Clariant, to become exclusive agent to Piauí, Ceará, Paraíba and Maranhão. At this same period, DANETO took a big step in its development by bulding an own chemical laboratory fully equipped to study new color trends and also to offer the clients better quality in color recipes, always offering the best solutions. DANETO has passed through different stages and today offers a larger amount of solution at industry, commerce, distribution, and Sales agent  of chemical products to supply diffenrent sectors: food and beverage, hospital, waxing, leather, paints, sanitizing. fishing farms, soap industry and agro business.

Our commitment is to supply your business with the best market solution, always in a efficient way with quality and with competitive prices.


Av. Francisco Sá, 3405 - Monte Castelo Cep: 60-310.000 Fortaleza-Ceará Brazil
Phone Number: +55 (85) 3236-3396 Fax: +55 (85) 3236-7878
e-mail: daneto@daneto.com.br